Coronavirus: Thanks to you, we are saving lives and stopping the spread.

But it’s important we continue to keep all Australians safe.

Stay at home unless necessary and avoid non-essential travel.

Banks, supermarkets, petrol stations, medical services and suppliers remain open.

If you can, you should work from home.

Use phones for meetings, stop handshaking, tap to pay where possible instead of using cash.

Maintain physical distancing and hygiene practices.

Keep 1.5 metres of physical distance, exercise away from others, and wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds.


Visit to find restrictions specific to your State or Territory.


Government recommended poster to avoid and contain the spread of COVID 19.


This can used in multiple industries including schools, healthcare, education and the commercial sector to increase awareness and ensure people are practicing safe hygiene.

Coronavirus: Thanks to you, we are saving lives A3 Poster - 25 Pack

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    Colour: CMYK 

    Size: A3 (297mm x 420mm)

    Paper: 200gsm Gloss